Day of the week calculator


I came across a page that describes the Christian calendar, and it has a section giving a formula to calculate the day of the week that any given date falls on. Although it doesn’t state it, I presume it only works for dates AD. I have not tested this assumption.

Naturally, I wrote a small Turbo Pascal program to automate this calculation for me. It was compiled on a Windows 2000 computer and has been tested successfullly on Windows XP Professional as well. If you prefer, you may compile the source code yourself, but please don’t alter or distribute the code without my permission.

The program does not include error-checking procedures. If you input gibberish instead of the exact format required, it will spit out an incorrect answer. The "J" or "G" required must be a capital letter.

Last updated July 17, 2009 (Friday)

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