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Dungeons & Dragons
Fantasy Wargaming


Continuum: Roleplaying in The Yet is Aetherco’s game of time-traveling society. You play a spanner, with the power to travel in time and space at will. You must protect your personal timeline from narcissists, other spanners who want to change history, or else you’ll be fragged out of existence!

“Identity Is All”
An introductory scenario for novice spanners. When a stranger appears at the corner, with no memory of who he is and with only the corner’s address on a slip of paper, the spanners must figure out what to do with him.
“Rogues and Politicians”
A scenario for novice spanners. A mad narcissist wants to kill a baby and stop World War III from ever happening.
Types of Continuum scenarios
A brief survey of possible types of adventures that spanners can go on. They can do more than just fight narcissists!

Dungeons & Dragons

I am an adherent of the older editions of the game.

Method IV ability score generator
Method IV in the Dungeon Masters Guide for generating ability scores requires that you roll up twelve characters and choose the best one. That takes a long time! This spreadsheet, compatible with both Microsoft Excel and, generates these characters for you, and tells you what class and race combinations you may choose from, and what your level limits will be.

Fantasy Wargaming

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway has a reputation for being so hideously complex that it’s unplayable. I don’t agree. The layout of the book is not good for explaining a role-playing game, but the rules themselves are not more difficult than many other—popular—games.

In these pages I examine the text of the game and explain how it works. You must have a copy of Fantasy Wargaming to follow this discussion; my goal is to explain, not reproduce the rules.

Note that I have never actually played Fantasy Wargaming, but I would welcome any opportunity to do so. The texts on this site represent an analysis of the book, not a determination as to whether the game is fun to play.

Character Generation
Making a character requires actually reading the whole book. Once you’ve done that, this page will explain the character-creation process in a step-by-step manner.
General Adventuring
Now that you have a character, here’s how you go on adventures.
Personal Combat
Rearranging the personal combat rules to make them a little easier to use.
Missing Weapons
A spreadsheet of the missing portion of the Weapons Table in the large-size editions of Fantasy Wargaming.
Fixing Armor Numbers on the Warrior Table
The numbers after each piece of armor on the Warrior Table don't match the numbers on the Armor Table. Here is a table of corrections.


The Generic Universal Role-Playing System. GURPS lets you role-play in any setting you can imagine.

Time Corps Field Agent template
The “Time Corps” setting in GURPS Infinite Worlds is an almost word-for-word copy from the earlier edition in GURPS Time Travel. It lacks any templates to use for Time Corps agents. This is my version of such a template. I have also created a template for GURPS Character Assistant.
Tales of the Solar Patrol templates and equipment for GURPS Character Assistant
A data file for GURPS Character Assistant to add templates and equipment from GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol.
Various spaceships for GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol
Alien Generation Worksheet
A worksheet for generating aliens using the system found in GURPS Space, analogous to the Planetary Record and Worksheet used to create worlds and star systems.


Known in Klingon as tlhIngan Hol, this is a complete constructed language. Find more information at the Klingon Language Institute.

A Klingon mode for Tengwar
Those familiar with the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings, will recognize the writing system of the Elves. Tengwar is adaptable to any language, and I have created a possible mode for writing Klingon. It’s more writable than the KLI’s pIqaD (though it doesn’t look very Klingon).
may'vaD ghuHmoH QoQ
A poetic Klingon call to arms, originally read at qep'a' wa'maH cha'DIch.
Thror pu'jIn
A Klingon version of Thror's Map from The Hobbit.


New encounters and foes to use in Atlas Games’ competitive role-playing game of hacking, slashing, and bloody Viking goodness.

“That Ol’ Goblin Magic”
The heroes make their way through a remote goblin outpost, and must defeat a goblin shaman.
“Labyrinth of the Beast”
The heroes fall into an ancient dwarven maze designed to study the behavior of men. They must find the way out, overcoming creatures and tests. The exit is guarded by a fearsome beast.
Fire Wyrms
A new Rune foe. Fire Wyrms are fire-breathing dragons. Though customized foes can’t be given special abilities like breathing fire, you can treat the unusual ability as a trap.


About David Trimboli
A little bit about who I am and what’s on this site.
How to calculate the stardate
How to calculate the stardate as it’s done on Star Trek, more or less.
Day of the week calculator
Use this program to quickly determine the day of the week for any year in the Gregorian or Julian calendars. Why would you want to do that? That’s up to you.

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