Jovian Sky-Scourer for GURPS® Tales of the Solar Patrol

The Sky-Scourer is the backbone of the Overlord's local defense fleet. It is a very long, very thin craft, a finned needle of doom. Its missions range from quick patrols and interceptions to long-range sweeps of surrounding space. It is designed exclusively for space operations, however, and is useless for troop transport or leveling dissident towns. As with most ships of the Overlord, it is considered expendable, focusing more on offense than defense. It has a 300-ton (SM+7) streamlined hull and is 60 yards long.

Front Hull System
[1] Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 7).
[2!] Spinal Battery Weapon (300 MJ atomic gun1).
[3] Multipurpose Array (level 7).
[4] Control Room (C4 infomat2, comm/sensor 5, three control stations).
[5] Habitat (two bunkrooms).
[6] Habitat (one cabin and 5 tons steerage cargo).
Central Hull System
[1] Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 7).
[2–6] Fuel Tanks (75 tons uranium-enriched saltwater)*.
[core!] Spinal Battery Weapon (central hull).
Rear Hull System
[1] Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 7).
[2–3] Fuel Tanks (30 tons uranium-enriched saltwater)*.
[4] Nuclear Saltwater Rocket (2G acceleration).
[5] Engine Room (one control station, one workspace).
[6!] Spinal Battery Weapon (rear hull).
[core] Tesla Coil3 (five Power Points).

* The combined rocket fuel provides a total of 21 mps delta-V.

  1. Atomic guns are like standard lasers, except they have an armor divisor of 4.
  2. There are no computers, only infomats. These use the Electro-Mechanical Computers design switch.
  3. The Tesla coil is equivalent to a total conversion power plant.

The Sky-Scourer has a gravitic vector (artificial gravity and gravitic compensators) and wings. The command deck is occupied by the captain, pilot, and astronavigator, a gunner occupies a station at the atomic gun, and a an engineer and a technician work in the engine room. The ship usually carries relief crewmembers for maximum efficiency.

TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Cost
6+3 Sky-Scourer 50 −1/5 13 2G/0.1c 300 6 +7 10ASV 7 $54.6M

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