Audie Murphy–Class Patrol Ship for GURPS® Tales of the Solar Patrol

The Murphy-class is the backbone of the Solar Patrol, which has hundreds of these ships in service. Each ship is named after a soldier who was revered for his bravery and courage in battle, usually an enlisted man or a low-ranking officer. They are assigned to all parts of the System, from mapping asteroids in the Trojans to rescuing stranded hunters on Venus to helping transfer freed Martians from the clutches of their psionic masters. They are small, agile, multi-purpose ships that can be quickly fitted with specialized equipment to suit their current mission profile. The ships have a 1,000-ton (SM+8) streamlined hull and are 50 yards long.

Front Hull System
[1–2] Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 20).
[3–4!] Major Battery Weapons (two 300 MJ fixed-mount atomic guns1).
[5] Multipurpose Array (level 8).
[6] Control Room (C5 infomat2, comm/sensor 6, four control stations).
Central Hull System
[1–2] Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 20).
[3!] Major Battery Weapon (300 MJ atomic gun1 turret).
[4] Hangar Bay (30 tons capacity, holds three one-ton lifeboats3).
[5] Habitat (briefing rooms, captain’s office, crew lounge, and mess hall).
[6] Habitat (four cabins and 10 tons steerage cargo capacity).
[core] Habitat (two-bed sickbay, Science! Lab, two cabins).
Rear Hull System
[1–2] Advanced Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 20).
[3] External Clamp.
[4] Engine Room (one control station, one workspace).
[5!] Electron Drive4 (2G acceleration).
[6!] Nega-Barrier5 (dDR 100).
[core] Tesla Coil6 (five Power Points).
  1. Atomic guns are like standard lasers, except they have an armor divisor of 4.
  2. There are no computers, only infomats. These use the Electro-Mechanical Computers design switch.
  3. See Life Pods in GURPS Spaceships Designer’s Notes.
  4. Electron drives are equivalent to TL11 hot reactionless engines.
  5. The nega-barrier is equivalent to a light, adjustable TL12 force screen.
  6. The Tesla coil is equivalent to a total conversion power plant.

The ship has a gravitic vector (artificial gravity) and wings. The crew includes the captain, pilot, astronavigator, and chief tactical officer on the command deck, plus the chief engineer and the engineer's mate on the engineering deck and a medic on the crew deck. Additional personnel may be assigned for scientific or military missions. The ship can be run with as few as three crewmen.

TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Cost
6+3 Patrol Ship 70 −1/5 13 2G/0.1c 1,000 31.2 +8 12ASV 20 $151.5M

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